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    Know-how is a guarantee for successfully moving clinics and medical practices

Moving hospitals, clinics and medical practices

In addition to moving medical practices, our removal companies’ special expertise includes expert planning, management and processing of complex clinic moves. Höhne-Grass is able to both move medical practices and change the location of complete hospitals in a professional manner. 

What medical practice moves and clinic moves involve:

  • moving hospitalsmoving complete clinics/hospitals to a new location (e.g. following conversions/the construction of new buildings)
  • solutions for moving your medical practice and practice equipment moving individual work stations/clinical areas including the required additional services
  • removal management
  • processing the move
  • transportation of fragile medical equipment
  • if necessary, the disposal of medical equipment and laboratory material
  • if necessary, we provide cool storage
  • moving your hospital pharmacy/medical practice pharmacy (including hazardous materials)

We demonstrably ensure that your patients are treated as quickly and as reliably at the new location as they were at the old one. You can trust us; through the years we have developed numerous special solutions for clinic moves and medical practice moves. You benefit from them and we are proud of them.

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