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Senior citizens moving house - Moving house in old age

Seniorenumzug in Darmstadt und Rhein-MainMoving house in old age requires a special instinctive tact on the part of the removal company so that there is as little stress as possible for the people moving. Have you lived in one house or in a large apartment for a long time? Then you must have collected a lot of objects with personal memories. For many years Höhne-Grass has been offering special removal services for senior citizens moving house which help elderly people to make the move to their new home with special care. Where senior citizens moving house in particular are concerned, their move is preceded by a personal consultation with a removal consultant. We take sufficient time to help you with advice and support. Here is what we can do for you:

Preparing the move

Moving in accordance with senior citizens’ needs Moving house in old age with Höhne-Grass

  • a personal, free inspection appointment and detailed advice from an experienced removal consultant
  • planning the new living space
  • support with emptying and closing up apartments and disposing of objects
  • storing non-essential objects you can’t/don’t want to take with you (SB warehouse)
  • help in dealing with the local authorities

During the move

  • provision of suitable packing materials for a damage-free move
  • expert packing and unpacking of clothing, delph, antiques, etc.
  • expert disassemlty/assembly of furniture and kitchens
  • dismounting/mounting of lamps, painting and drapes, including dowel work
  • cleaning and painting work
  • driving service from the old to the new apartment

Tells us what your requirements and wishes are, and together we will find solutions so that your individual senior citizens’ move can take place successfully.

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