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  • Move house with Höhne-Grass in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral manner

Climate-neutral moves with Höhne-Grass

A small contribution with a big effect - Global climate protection

Certified partner for climate-neutral movesWe believe that climate protection concerns us all. That is why we offer our customers the special alternative provided by removal companies of having their move carried out in a way that is climate-neutral. Specifically for this purpose we cooperate with the Munich-based climate protection experts Climate Partner, who create an individual CO2 footprint for Höhne-Grass every year. Using this as a basis we can quantify exactly how much CO2 will be emitted during each move. This value corresponds to a small surcharge which is billed additionally as part of the removal costs. Of course, this is only the case if you choose this option.

How is the amount of CO2 compensated for?

Planting trees in Costa RicaThe basis of the principle of compensatory measures is that there are measures which release CO2 (e.g. traffic, conventional ways of producing energy, industry, etc.) and measures which can bind CO2 to the atmosphere. Because gases like CO2 are evenly distributed in the atmosphere it does not matter where it is produced or saved on. Only if the amount of the released CO2 can be reduced and that of the bound CO2 can be increased is it possible to mitigate the effects of climate change that are already being felt.

Through your climate-neutral move with Höhne-Grass and with your support, new trees are being planted in San Rafael, Costa Rica, as part of a reafforestation project sponsored by Bauminvest. This ensures that the same amount of CO2 is being removed from the atmosphere as is produced during your move. This makes your move climate-neutral.

You receive your own personal climate protection certificate

If you decide to have your move carried out in a climate-neutral way, you will receive a personal certificate in your own name issued by Climate Partner. This certificate details how much CO2 it was possible to compensate for as a result of your commitment. Protect the climate together with us and book a climate-neutral move now!

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