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  • Relocation of Machines with Friedrich Friedrich Darmstadt

    We transport machinery and heavy loads

Moving machinery and transporting heavy loads

We also make sure that heavy loads reach the new workshop

We also transport fragile machinery with the required tactEven if your move involves heavy objects such as individual machines or safes, or includes complete manufacturing systems/production systems, we are the right people for you. We have the required know-how, professional transportation equipment and specially trained staff who ensure that heavy loads can also be moved without any trouble. And to all parts of the world!

Machinery moves in detail:

  • to begin with, the objects or systems to be moved are inspected by one of our experienced project managers
  • together with you, we assess the type of services required
  • on the basis of the inspection and the assessment of the type of services required we draw up a concrete offer for you
  • we plan, manage and coordinate the machinery move (project management)
  • by request, we disassemble/reassemble the mechanical and electrical equipment

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