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    Container storage | Your property stored where you need it!

Rent storage containers in a mobile and flexible way

Container storage in MainzFor specific reasons container storage in a warehouse is the suitable option. Our 20' storage containers will follow you to any place in the world. Nowadays container storage is indispensable in the area of innovative transport logistics.  With container storage, optimal spatial planning is possible in accordance with your requirements. From an economic point of view storage containers are undoubtedly an alternative solution to your storage problems.

The advantages of storage containers

  • In contrast to the classic type of storage in storage boxes, the objects you are moving or storing must only be transported once. This means that there is a much lower risk of damage, while expenses are also much lower.
  • Storage containers are mobile and can be transported anywhere. Alternatively, we can place your container in our heated container storage area.
  • A boat stored in a container in a warehouseBy request, we can individually furnish your containers with racks or other types of equipment
  • You can access your property at any time

Both fragile and valuable objects are safe in DMS storage containers. Whether it is a question of stock such as carpets or IT equipment or files, everything is stored optimally.

Sizes, mobility and storing the containers

Property is stored in the containers in our insulated warehouse in Mainz. Customers can access their storage container, and thus the objects they are moving, at any time. On-site mobile container rental is another service we provide. Special vehicles take the container to building sites, factory sites and depots. In this respect, the following container sizes are available:

  • 20ft (external dimensions: 6.050 x 2.35 x 2.35 m; volume: 32.5 cbm)
  • 10ft (external dimensions: 3.025 x 2.35 x 2.35 m; volume: 16 cbm)

Persönliche Beratung über die Lagervarianten bei Höhne-GrassWe would be pleased to personally discuss with you the many options offered by container storage.


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