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  • Well packed almost moved!

  • We will save you the trouble of ironing - with DMS clothes boxes you can have a crease-proof move!

  • Shock-proof special packaging for TVs, porcelain and delph

Stable cardboard moving boxes and useful packing materials for your move

Packing boxes, packing materials, transport boxes and moreWith the right packing materials you move is guaranteed to be quicker, troublefree and, above all, damage-free. Nothing is worse than when granny’s valuable porcelain is damaged because it was packed the wrong way or when cardboard moving boxes fall apart because of the poor way in which the weight of their contents is distributed. As a partner of the company DMS (Deutsche Möbelspedition) we exclusively use high-quality, stable cardboard moving boxes, clothes boxes, etc., which can resist bearing weight several times. At the same time this protects the environment because the materials used for the move can be used several times.

You can buy packing materials and cardboard moving boxes from us

  • High-quality, stable cardboard moving boxes in 3 different sizes (also available secondhand)
  • cardboard lamp boxes
  • cardboard key boxes
  • corner protectors to protect paintings and picture frames
  • cardboard poster boxes
  • clothes boxes with a suspension device for clothes hangers for crease-free transport!
  • special packaging for glasses
  • transport rollers
  • protective film, hoods and slipcovers for upholstered furniture, mattresses and electrical devices
  • laminated bubble wrap
  • adhesive tapes
  • and much more

Technical removal equipment

As an experienced removal company with high quality standards we have many little helpers who support us in special moving situations. These include, for example:

  • storage containers and swap body systems
  • external lifts
  • loading ramps for your car

You can easily collect any type of packing material for your move in our removal office in Mainz-Hechtsheim or have it conveniently delivered in advance from our premises. By request we also collect your used cardboard moving boxes after your move has been completed.

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