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    Settle in to your new home without any problems thanks to our professional relocation service

Relocation Service

Assimilate staff quicker into the new environment

With our individual relocation service you can make things much easier for your staff as they settle in at their new location and save on costs at the same time. The reason for this is that the change of apartment or building is supported by a professional relocator, who knows the destination inside out. The bothersome search for doctors, schools, kindergartens, local authorities, etc., does not have to be undertaken by your staff. Your staff are quicker able to get down to work and their families immediately feel that they are in good hands.

When is it worth commissioning a professional relocation service?

As a general rule, a relocation service always makes settling in to a new, often strange environment easier. However, for companies operating on an international basis a relocation service can be decisive where the success of a project or corporate success are concerned, e.g. with regard to:

  • when staff are seconded throughout the world
  • moving a company’s operations abroad
  • project-related stays abroad
  • when the location of complete companies/all operating facilities are being changed

Amongst other things, our relocation service provides:  

  • a personal guided tour of the new area by an experienced relocator
  • support in looking for a house/an apartment
  • support in dealing with the authorities
  • support in looking for international doctors, schools, kindergartens, etc.
  • individual support in becoming involved in the new social environment
  • and much more.

Our experts are really expert! Talk to us if you require a relocation service for your staff’s move.

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