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  • From “assisting with removal” right up to a full-service removal

National removal service

A free apartment inspection is something we consider natural.

Because most moves involve more than simply transporting furniture, they should be preceded by competent advice from a removal consultant. We personally inspect the place you are moving from and the household objects you are moving because only in this way can we plan your move optimally and create a legitimate and reliable offer for you. Without a personal inspection there is a risk that your offer will be too expensive or too cheap, that suitable packing materials will not be available or that the circumstances in which loading/unloading takes place will be complicated by a lack of equipment/lack of preparation, subsequently resulting in additional costs. The risk of such inconveniences does not exist with us. Naturally we inspect the apartment free of charge.

More than furniture transportation - A removal service from A to Z

As a quality-assured removal company with a TÜV certificate, you can expect the following from us, amongst other things:

  • Removal service from A-Zspecially equipped furniture vans with air suspension for smooth transportation of furniture
  • trained specialist staff including fitters and carpenters
  • packing and unpacking of household objects by request
  • special packing materials to protect valuables
  • special equipment such as external lifts, e.g. for use in old apartment buildings, narrow staircases, etc.
  • if required, setting up of no-parking zones
  • thorough final cleaning and renovation of the proper being left
  • storage of your furniture/your household objects in our SB warehouse
  • by request you can book a climate-neutral move from us
  • we are prepared for the special needs of senior citizens when they are moving house
  • additional removal services by request

Additional services provided by us: assembly services

Assembly services add to your moveYou don’t have to assemble everything yourself.  Our removal service includes various services provided by workmen who ensure that everything in your new apartment is put in its right place again. To this end we employ our own fitters and carpenters. The assembly services we provide as part of a move include:

  • disassembly and reassembly of your furntiure/cupboards made by all established manufacturers
  • disassembly and reassembly of your kitchen (including changes to same) by our own joiner
  • dismounting and remounting of lamps and paintings
  • dismounting and remounting of curtains and drapes
  • connecting washing machines, driers, dishwashers and all connection points in the kitchen
  • connecting PCs, TVs and hi-fi systems, including functional checks

Naturally you determine the scope of the services!

Especially for you - The no-smoking move

Good air is important so that you can feel well in your new home. With us you have the option of having your move carried out 100% smoke-free. Without any additional costs and by request, we only use removal vans in which there is no smoking, use non-smoking removal staff and use smoke-free packing material.

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► You can obtain additional information on our removal services from me and arrange a personal consultation appointment with our removal experts.




If you temporarily do not need your furniture, you have the option of having it stored with us.

Are you moving house on your own? Then our moving checklists will help you think of everything!